Whether your project is big or small, with an unlimited budget or shoestring, Creative Habitats will provide all the services needed to create a beautiful, functional outdoor space.

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Landscape Design

At Creative Habitats, we pride ourselves on our unique landscape designs. Using traditional design principles, our designers can put together a true “outdoor room” that creates beautiful movement through the space.

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Landscape drawings range from simple hand-drawn sketches to more complex designs that take significant time to complete. The intricacy of the drawing depends on the property size and scope of work.

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When your outdoor space needs a lush surface underfoot, Creative Habitats can work with you to ensure the area is properly sodded.

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When it comes to your outdoor space, nothing gives it a unique look created just for you like plants. Our landscape designers are experts in plants of all types, and will select the most appropriate plants for your space.

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Patios & Walls

Whether you need a utilitarian retaining wall or a spacious patio for entertaining, Creative Habitats can meet your needs. Our designers will work with you on whatever hardscape your outdoor space needs.

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Water Features

Nothing adds ambiance to an outdoor space like a water feature. Creative Habitats designers will work with you to determine the size and scale of your water feature, whether it will be the focal point of your outdoor space or a private nook for relaxation.

Outdoor fireplace

Fire Pits & Fireplaces

An outdoor fire pit or fireplace creates a welcoming area for gatherings with friends and family. Our designers will work with you to incorporate your desired size and type fire pit or fireplace into your outdoor space.

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Recreation Areas

For situations where your outdoor space is less about relaxation and ambiance and more about activities with the kids, Creative Habitats can work with you on any type of recreation you need.

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Keeping your investment healthy and beautiful is key to maintaining an enjoyable outdoor space. Since 2000, Creative Habitats has installed hundreds of irrigation systems and fixed even more.

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Showcasing your outdoor space with lighting is the final step in creating a welcoming area you can enjoy day or night. Creative Habitats is an expert in accent lighting for the home and garden.

auburn alabama drainage


Your home is an investment, and Creative Habitats can help you protect it with proper drainage solutions tailored to your space. Our designers work with the land – not against it – to handle normal rain events in the most efficient manor possible.


Pool Fill In

Our pool fill-in services can help you reclaim the yard space if you no longer need your pool. Whether you are no longer using it, want to create more backyard space to entertain your friends and family, sell your home, or your pool has become old, we can fill in your pool and help you reclaim the area.


Garden Tilling

Garden tilling is a delicate landscaping process and must be handled only by experienced professionals. When done right, it can aerate the soil, stimulate aerobic bacterial activity, and releases heat energy. We recommend twice a year tilling to trigger proper seasonal growth. Our professional garden tilling services help prepare your garden before spring and after fall. Besides ensuring fine loosening of the soil, we can also add compost and till to enhance the soil’s nutrient content. During the initial inspection, we will check for signs of dryness, hardness, and weeds to determine whether tilling is required or not. Proper tilling will allow roots to grow and spread with ease, thus improving your garden’s growth.


Garden Setup

Our professional garden setup services help build a strong foundation for a thriving garden. From the choice of the perfect spot to the selection of the soil mix and growing media, we take all the steps to help create the foundation. The set up focuses on creating planting beds with properties like rich nutrient content, good moisture retention and drainage, and the right growing media. From designing your garden to selecting the right plants, we can assist you with each step in the process. If you are seeking garden support and mentorship, we can help you set-up a garden that fulfills your desires and meets your goals.


Preparation Work

Our professional garden preparation work helps you get the most out of your gardening work. We can remove existing vegetation, till the soil, add compost, and add the right plant materials before you can begin planting. From adding mulch to green manure to topsoil, we can take care of all the steps for preparing the perfect planting beds. If required, we can also apply treatments to take care of weeds. During the initial inspection, we may also recommend a soil test if it is required. We have the experience, expertise, and resources required to prepare your garden for optimal growth and longevity.


Kudzu Cleanup

We specialize in expert kudzu cleanups, providing comprehensive solutions to tackle this invasive and tenacious vine. Our process begins with a thorough survey of the affected area, allowing us to assess the extent of the kudzu infestation and devise a tailored action plan. With precision and care, we cut and remove kudzu vines from host plants and structures, preventing further spread and damage. Digging out root crowns is a crucial step in our cleanup, as it curtails regrowth and potential re-infestation. To avoid resurgence, we dispose of the cuttings responsibly, minimizing the risk of spreading Kudzu to other areas. In severe infestations, we may utilize herbicides judiciously and follow industry best practices to ensure safe and effective treatment.


Bush Hog & Clearing

Our bush hog and clearing services can improve your property while making it safer at the same time. We can clear away tree stumps, trees, and overgrown brush surrounding your property. We offer our services to help with land clearing, site preparation, underbrush clearing, bush hogging, brush removal, stump grinding, and tree removal. Our experienced crew is equipped with the latest equipment to complete the task safely and in a timely manner. Let us take care of a cluttered yard that can affect your home’s appearance. Let the experts take care of it so that the mess will no longer affect the use of your yard.