Garden Setup, Auburn, AL

If you want to have a garden that supports long-term growth and sustains healthy plants, it is important to build a strong foundation. At Creative Habitats, we provide professional garden setup services in Auburn, AL, to help you achieve these goals. We begin the process by choosing the right spot for your garden and selecting the best soil mix and growing media. This mixture is made of organic worm castings, perlite, and peat. Some of its key benefits include:

  • Excellent moisture retention
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Offers excellent drainage
  • Versatile growing media for all plants

We use such a mixture for all our in-ground gardens and raised beds. A similar mixture is prepared for container gardens with a lighter weight potting-soil combination. We can also add mulched pathways, irrigation lines, and row covers to stop pest infestations, minimize weeding, and simplify your garden maintenance.

Garden Design & Setup

You can avail of complete gardening services from us. The range of services we offer include:

  • Garden design
  • Use of custom products
  • Fabrication
  • Selection of appropriate plants
  • Garden setup and installation

Our experienced team of designers, craftsmen, and urban gardeners can create elegant designer gardens. We can also help you set up vegetable and herbs gardens for terraces, balconies, indoors, and sundecks. Unlike other services, we will not just set up your garden and leave. You can expect much more from us – garden mentorship and support in learning how to create abundant growth in your yard.


After the area has been prepared, we can plant the garden. Our experienced crew of gardeners uses the best-quality seeds and seedlings. We will ensure proper planting depth and spacing for your garden. The different steps can be taken in stages or at once. A phase-based approach is followed to achieve a staggered harvest, which is usually the case with root vegetables and greens.

Most types of plants are usually supplied as seedlings. Certain plants, however, demonstrate optimal growth when directly seeded in the final growing area. When it comes to seeds, we source them from American suppliers, and this never includes GMO seeds. Wherever possible, we may use certified organic seeds. Both hybrid and heirloom seeds are used. We may select the seeds for their specific properties, such as:

  • Disease resistance
  • Taste or flavor
  • Suitability to the environment
  • Productivity

Custom Garden Setup Services

We understand the unique preferences and needs of our clients for their gardens. Therefore, we begin with an initial consultation so that we can discuss helping you grow exceptional produce. This discussion will make it easier for you to achieve your goals and feel great about growing fresh, delicious, and local produce.

We at Creative Habitats are experienced and qualified garden and landscape experts. We are also fully equipped to meet your specific needs. Always driven by the goal to share our knowledge and get things right for our clients, we are always committed to doing more to assist you. If you need more information about our services, feel free to contact us at 334-524-5408. We can also be reached at